PaddleZen: Yoga on the board offers all of the elements that traditional yoga has to offer: strength, flexibility, and balance with the experience of being on the water. Experience the calm, flow with nature, and leave feeling refreshed and restored. 60 minutes

PaddleFlow: Center yourself and build strength and balance with the flow of tai chi movement and elements of yoga experienced in the serenity of being on the water.

PaddleLates: Bringing core- engaging techniques of pilates to the board for a whole new approach to lengthening and core strengthening. Feel even the most basic of pilates movements like never before with this class. 60 minutes

PaddleLite: This class combines the basics of paddle boarding with basic fitness for an all-over low- impact workout that will challenge your cardio fitness, build strength, improve your balance, and build flexibility all while improving your paddle boarding skills. 60 minutes

PaddleFit: No boring workouts here. Build strength and endurance with this boot- camp style workout with strength and cardio intervals to help you reach all of your fitness goals. We’ll use everything at our disposal to get and keep you fit. 60 minutes

Youth Classes: Basic fitness, water safety, the basics of paddling, and some eco education and healthy living tips in this class to inspire youth and teach good habits. 60 minutes

SUP Fishing: Add a new element of adventure to your lowocuntry fishing experience. We provide you with bait, water, and lead you to some great fishing spots for this one of a kind paddle trip. 2-3 hours

Special events: endurance paddles, sunset yoga, 75 or 90 minute yoga classes

Student groups/ scout badges: give overview of paddle boarding, including water safety and board basics. Tour with eco education and some basic fitness on the board.

Tours: Group, private, or semi-private tours of the waterways with board basics, water safety, and eco education. Sunset tours, day tour with lunch provided.

For more information on our classes and offerings or to schedule a personalized trip, please contact us.